Wilder’s Elk Ranch – South Dakota

At Wilder’s Elk Ranch in Timberlake, South Dakota, hunting is so much more than just hunts.

You are invited to check out Timber Lake, South Dakota, where you will be located in a vast area rich in wildlife and natural beauty. The Wilder Ranch was chosen as one of the most scenic ranches in South Dakota.

You will hunt on over 8,000 acres of foothills with plentiful spring-fed lakes and streams. Wilder Ranch is adjacent to the Little Moreau State Park, which continues the majestic and historical beauty.

At Wilder’s Elk Ranch, hunting is so much more than just hunts. They offer quality hunts because they care a great deal about your success. Over the past decades, the production of pure and high-quality large animals has streamlined the ranch’s game management to an unbeatable level.

This proper management has produced excellent elk and buffalo hunts. The success of the average hunter to get a trophy bull in his or her lifetime is less than 5%. If you had years to spend and the time arranging your hunts with the seasons, locations and friends, it would not be likely that you and your friends all would be drawn for the limited licenses available. After spending the time arranging the hunt, you end up canceling it or going alone.

The trophy elk hunts are great in South Dakota and to hunt buffalo at the Wilder Ranch, close to tiny Moreau State Park, S. D. is indeed BIG Game Hunting. Also worth reading is this page about the DNR Ranch at Rand Creek in Wyoming.

Plains Buffalo can also be seen roaming many of the thousands of acres at the ranch. Located nearby is the South Dakota Little Moreau State Park and the famous Sacagawea and Sitting Bull Monuments, Wilder provides an invitation to your adventurous spirit and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Interest mounts, once you visit the Wilder Events & Tours page and read of the variety of tours that the Wilder Elk Ranch has in store. Great herds of Rocky Mountian elk, tall racks of antlers adorning their crowns, and all the mighty plains buffalo are part of the tourist’s day.

You can see the prairie dogs, who live in large colonies on the property and there are also many North American birds that inhabit the ranch. Bed and breakfast is not all this resort has to offer. A close drive is a South Dakota Indian Reservation offering quite a variety of casinos and activities. Read also about the Twin Creek Ranch & Lodge in Wyoming.

The Wilder Elk Ranch B&B offers additional excitement: rich photo tours for wild elk and other stately game, which you can view and photograph almost any time of day. Drop by for great fishing, or join us for a good morning meal anytime you’re near Timber Lake and the Wilder Elk Ranch B & B.

Wilder Elk Ranch Bed & Breakfast is located 4.5 miles South of Timber Lake, S. Dakota, a short walk from the Little Moreau State Park. If you’re flying in, the ranch also offers transportation to and from the Bismarck, N.D. and the Pierre or Mobridge, S.D. airports.