Tod Mountain Ranch – British Columbia

Tod Mountain Ranch is a luxuriously Rustic Guest Ranch in British Columbia’s Louis Creek Valley. The Guest Ranch is an exclusive small gem that offers a relaxing and tranquil environment where you can enjoy a hands-on unique horseback riding experience. In a few months, spring will be here so let’s take a look what you can expect.

Located in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada, Tod Mountain Ranch is only a 4-hours drive away from the city of Vancouver. The ranch is really a great mid-way stop when you travel across Western Canada from Jasper or Banff to Vancouver.

Horseback riding is all they do here and because they are small, they can offer complete flexibility in the riding programme so that it is geared to the interest level of the guests. Regardless of whether this is your first horseback riding experience, or you are a seasoned rider, they will match you with the perfect horse and he will be yours for the duration of your stay.

Guests are encouraged to spend time at the barn getting to know the horses they’ll be riding and the ranch offers a total immersion experience for those guests who want to have a more hands-on experience with all aspects of the care and ownership of their horse.

Guided by experienced Wranglers, you can ride through the mountains surrounding the ranch on an extensive network of old logging roads and cattle trails through the forest, climbing as soon as you leave the gate. It feels a bit like Moose Mountain Lodge. If you want to experience more than just the riding, close by the ranch are endless opportunities for fly-fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and golf.

When you’re not riding, the lodge is the hub of activity at the ranch where everyone gathers for meals, activities and socializing. Being a small ranch, you become a member of the ranch family. Enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal and share a drink and stories with new found friends. Relax watching an old western movie, or try your hand at cards before you fall into bed in the peace and quiet of your private cabin. Modern amenities and facilities combined with the rustic style furniture and decor offer an experience that is luxuriously rustic.

The ranch is owned and managed by your host, Tracey, and with her easy-going Irish charm together with her amazing team, she will offer you the perfect horseback riding vacation similar to what’s offered by Vagabond Ranch in Granby, Colorado, welcoming guests from all over our planet to her dream ranch.

Regardless of whether you’re traveling with a group, your spouse, or all by yourself, the intimate luxurious guest ranch is offering the most stunning views, like-minded company, a calm, peaceful, relaxing environment, and great food so you can really unwind and forget the things that cause you so much stress in the real world.

Some 30,000 hectares of mountain trails, forest, and alpine surrounds the ranch and you’ll find deer, bear, moose, and coyote. Look up and you just might see a bald eagle or hawk flying overhead. Check out also this review of River Valley Ranch in Oregon.

Tod Mountain Ranch can accommodate up to 16 guests and all rides are kept to a maximum of 8 riders and can be tailored to accommodate all levels of horse riding experience. If Canada might be too far north for you, take a look at this review of Twin Creek Ranch and Lodge in Wyoming, another great place to stay or DNR Ranch at Rand Creek in that same state.

The ranch has a variety of rides that vary in duration from an hour to all day rides. Riding along old logging roads and cattle trails high up into the mountain alpine, crossing streams and riding along the creeks, they generally ride for 4 to 5 hours each day however guests can choose to ride as little or much as they like.

All of the rides are guided by one of the experienced Wranglers/Trail Guides. Their primary role is to ensure the comfort and safety of both horse and rider when they’re out riding. Familiar with the terrain and trail network, riding with the ranch’s guides is the best way to experience the natural beauty of this area.

On shorter 1 and 2-hour rides, you will ride out after breakfast returning to the ranch for lunch. Then after lunch, you’ll ride out again to explore a different direction and a new set of trails still returning in plenty of time for you to relax and freshen up before dinner.

On other days, you can pack lunch in your saddlebags and follow the trails to the Heffley Lake lookout, or deep into the bush, where you can enjoy a picnic lunch returning to the ranch late afternoon.

The pace of the rides varies with the terrain and the experience and preferences of the group. Sometimes, you will enjoy leisurely walks, while at others, there will be opportunities to canter/lope. Many of the trails climb steep terrain and on these trails, the pace will be limited to walking and trotting. Riding instruction in the arena is also available.

All of the horses are fitted with comfortable trail saddles designed for long hours and tough conditions. Each saddle comes with water bottles and horn bags providing plenty of room to carry small items such as a camera, lip balm etc. There are also slickers tied on to all saddles in case of rain.

The ranch offers a supply of safety helmets and riding boots for guests who need them. Please note boots are mandatory for all riders and safety helmets are mandatory for riders aged under 19.