Baker Lake Lodge – Washington State

Baker Lake Lodge is an unhurried, tranquil, lodge. This a retreat far away from the distractions and stress of the fast pace of the outside world. In the wonderful recreational region of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Baker Lake Lodge is the only retreat center. It was Puget Sound Energy that created here the Baker Project, a program to protect the habitat for much of the area’s wildlife, including trout and salmon.

Just imagine what you can do if you have the entire lodge to your and your group’s disposal! Staff at the Baker Lake Lodge will focus on your every need all year round!

Relax, Renew and Reconnect next to the huge fireplace, built with limestone from the local concrete quarry. Play a game of pool, or watch an old movie on the big screen TV. Cozy leather sofas take away the stress from the office. Suits and cell phones don’t work at Baker Lake Lodge. Enhance your senses and come back to life at Baker.

Camp style sleeping quarters feature nine rooms arranged for 1 – 3 guests. Each room includes a private bath with all the amenities plus a hairdryer. We have thought of everything for your comfort: even linens and towels are provided. Unlike at A Big Horse Ranch in Colorado, there is no horse riding possibility here but fishing and hiking are what it’s all about here.

Go for a walk along the paths around Baker Lake Lodge and take in nature. Resident deer are prolific in the forest surrounding Baker Lake. Chance upon a bald eagle or an osprey feeding on fish or bring binoculars to observe the local bird population feeding along the shoreline or nesting in the brush. Check out also this story about Moose Mountain Lodge.

The Cascade Mountain Range teems with wildlife. Go for a walk or drive and visit beaver ponds and chance upon nature’s hardest woodworkers tending their lodge and nibbling on their meal. Black bears are also native to the Mount Baker Region and are spotted regularly. Please consult our staff on the best wildlife viewing areas and opportunities.

Baker Lake Lodge is not really that far away from Tod Mountain Ranch in Canada’s British Columbia which is just a four-hour drive from Vancouver so when checking out North America’s West, this is another great opportunity to enjoy wonderful nature.

Fishing in the Skagit Valley

The wild and scenic Skagit River flows from its headwaters in British Columbia to enter Puget Sound east of Mt. Vernon. With its major tributaries the Cascade, Sauk, and Baker rivers, the Skagit basin is home to one of the strongest trout, steelhead and salmon fisheries in our country. Baker Lake Lodge is located between Baker Lake and Lake Shannon on the Baker River. From this location, guests have convenient access to a variety of year-round fishing opportunities.

Lake Shannon and Baker Lake
Season: April 21st – October 31st.
Target species: Kokanee Salmon and Rainbow Trout.
Productive techniques: The use of chum is currently legal on both Baker and Shannon. Productive bait includes worms, maggots, salmon eggs, and power bait either trolled on a wedding ring spinner or still fished under a float.
Driving time from the Baker Lodge: Baker Lake has five established boat ramps and Lake Shannon has one. Driving time to the boat ramps ranges from 2 to 35 minutes. Boat rentals are available from mid-June to early October at the Baker Lake Resort located 7 miles up the lake from the Lodge.

Baker Lake Lodge is located just a few hours’ drive north of River Valley Ranch in Central Point, Oregon, another great stop when exploring the Pacific Northwest. River Valley Ranch, an all-season ranch, is known for its impressive “Conscious Horsemanship” program.

Depression Lake
Season: Year-round. Excellent opportunity to introduce children to the sport through the spring and summer.
Target species: Puget Sound Energy plants Depression Lake each spring with 10 – 14-inch rainbow trout.
Productive techniques: Bank fishing using worms salmon eggs or power bait under a float. Flies and spinners also are productive especially in the spring and early summer.
Driving time from the Baker Lake Lodge: 2 minutes from the Lodge. Depression Lake is located below the West Pass Dike at the boat ramp at Baker Dam.

Check out also this post about Twin Creek Ranch And Lodge in Parkman, Wyoming, located a little south of the Montana-Wyoming state border, southeast of Billings, Montana. Twin Creek Lodge is a great place to gather and a fine location to get away to. Here you have the chance to relax in a beautiful Wyoming lodge made from local logs.

Baker Drainage creeks
(Bear, Park, Swift, Rocky, Sulfur, and Sandy Creeks and the Upper Baker River)
Season: June 1st – October 31st with the most productive period from July – mid-September.
Target species: Mental health fishing for small wild brook, cutthroat, and rainbow trout.
Productive techniques: Flyfishing and ultra light spinning.
Driving time from the Baker Lake Lodge: 2 to 20 minutes.

Baker Drainage high lakes
(Watson, Anderson, and Shuksan Lakes)
Season: June 1st – October 31st with the most productive period from snow out until early September.
Target species: Cutthroat and brook trout.
Productive techniques: Flyfishing and ultra light spinning from the bank or a float tube.
Driving time from the Baker Lodge: 5 – 20 minutes. Hiking time from trailhead: 2 – 4 hours.

In Wyoming, you may also be interested in checking out the impressive surroundings of DNR Ranch at Rand Creek. The mighty Rocky Mountains form an amazing backdrop and in this region, times gone by are always present. Here you can discover the amazement and wonder that make Wyoming so special.

Skagit River
(Including the Sauk and the Cascade)
Season: June 1st – late winter (consult regulations). World-renowned winter steelhead fishery lasting from mid-December through the close of the season.
Target species: Five species of salmon, steelhead, sea-run cutthroat trout, and Dolly Vardon.
Productive techniques: Boat or bank fishing. Popular bait includes eggs or shrimp drifted along the bottom or fished under a float. Popular lures include 3/8th – ½ oz. Spoons, jigs, and spinners that are fished effectively for a variety of species. Fly anglers should come prepared with both floating and sink tip fly lines. #8 and #9 weight flyrods are typically used and double-handed flyrods are very popular to cover the large winter river. In addition to the standard steelhead patterns, marabou and rabbit strip leaches are quite effective.
Driving time from the Baker Lodge: 20 – 50 minutes.