Baker Lake Lodge – Washington State

Baker Lake Lodge is an unhurried, tranquil, lodge. This a retreat far away from the distractions and stress of the fast pace of the outside world. In the wonderful recreational region of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Baker Lake Lodge is the only retreat center. It was Puget Sound Energy that created here the Baker Project, a program to protect the habitat for much of the area’s wildlife, including trout and salmon.

Just imagine what you can do if you have the entire lodge to your and your group’s disposal! Staff at the Baker Lake Lodge will focus on your every need all year round!

Relax, Renew and Reconnect next to the huge fireplace, built with limestone from the local concrete quarry. Play a game of pool, or watch an old movie on the big screen TV. Cozy leather sofas take away the stress from the office. Suits and cell phones don’t work at Baker Lake Lodge. Enhance your senses and come back to life at Baker.

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A Big Horse Ranch – Colorado

Enjoy The Majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains

“A Big Horse Ranch” offers horseback riding for all abilities and ages. Guided or unguided rides, with a big selection of horses to match your riding abilities.  All the rides are private, and for those who do not know how to ride, we offer full lessons and teach you everything you need to know about your horse.

Ride through Colorado’s beautiful mountains, observe beautiful aspen forests, and bristlecone pine trees, some of the oldest trees in the world.  Ride to the top of the Rockies and view endless miles of mountains. Enjoy the real western experience, on an original homestead ranch. Memories to last a lifetime will be created, make sure you bring your camera or camcorder.

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Tod Mountain Ranch – British Columbia

Tod Mountain Ranch is a luxuriously Rustic Guest Ranch in British Columbia’s Louis Creek Valley. The Guest Ranch is an exclusive small gem that offers a relaxing and tranquil environment where you can enjoy a hands-on unique horseback riding experience. In a few months, spring will be here so let’s take a look what you can expect.

Located in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada, Tod Mountain Ranch is only a 4-hours drive away from the city of Vancouver. The ranch is really a great mid-way stop when you travel across Western Canada from Jasper or Banff to Vancouver.

Horseback riding is all they do here and because they are small, they can offer complete flexibility in the riding programme so that it is geared to the interest level of the guests. Regardless of whether this is your first horseback riding experience, or you are a seasoned rider, they will match you with the perfect horse and he will be yours for the duration of your stay.

Guests are encouraged to spend time at the barn getting to know the horses they’ll be riding and the ranch offers a total immersion experience for those guests who want to have a more hands-on experience with all aspects of the care and ownership of their horse.

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Three Springs Horse Ranch – Texas

The Three Springs Horse Ranch is a full-care pasture boarding facility with 24-hour on-site professionals.  The Ranch sits nestled in the rolling landscape of the Texas Hill Country amid old traditional ranches and a growing number of vineyards.  The terrain is tree-covered, as varied as the vegetation and the horses love it here.

The Ranch now offers the same environment to a limited number of horse owners.  As horse owners themselves, the owners have both training and years of experience in caring for horses of all ages.  However, the Ranch is anything but a conventional “pasture boarding” operation. The owners also maintain an online gift website with cute horse inspired items and treat their horses with the best possible care. Think of this place as a stable facility with loafing sheds instead of stalls.

Given a choice, horses would rather be in the pasture full-time than in a stable.  Never bored, they can live as nature intended.   Over the years, when farriers and veterinarians have visited the ranch they often remark that our own horses are in excellent condition and they attribute much of that to the fact the horses have plenty of room to “be horses.”

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The Story of Moose Mountain Lodge

Moose Mountain Lodge was built in 1937-38. The lodge is a big old comfortable log building perched high on the western side of Moose Mountain. It has survived 73 years of snow, sleet, ice, wind, and lightning. The weather comes across the Connecticut River Valley and sweeps up the mountain, wearing away at the log surfaces like sandpaper. Sometimes the wind gets unbearable with its relentless buffeting. We often remark that it’s almost like living on a ship at sea.

The winter of 1973 turned out to be a fateful one for Peter and me. We were living in South Salem New York with our five children and assorted horses, sheep, dogs, and cats. Peter was in the wholesale lumber business and I was teaching in a Head Start program. We read about a water-powered sawmill for sale in Lancaster New Hampshire in Yankee Magazine.

The next weekend we drove to Lancaster to see it. It was a fascinating place but well beyond our mechanical abilities to maintain it. The idea of that challenge plus announcing to our children that we were moving to Lancaster New Hampshire, “the snowmobile capital of the U.S.” was too daunting for us. We wisely decided not to pursue that any further.

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Vagabond Ranch – Colorado

Vagabond Ranch House is a unique vacation retreat offering comfortable furnishings.  The house is designed to accommodate large groups and gatherings.  Five bedrooms and large open floorplan provide comfortable accommodations with plenty of space that sleeps up to 15.

The Vagabond Ranch is located in Grand County, Colorado, and consists of approximately 76.22 (now 108) acres at the 9,300–foot level. The entrance to the property is just off County Road #4 near Stillwater Pass. … (Bill and Willow Creeks flow through the Ranch year around.) Most of the Ranch is surrounded by the Arapaho National Forest. It is perhaps one of only three privately–owned parcels within this part of the Arapaho National Forest.

The history of this area dates back hundreds of years when it was a favorite hunting ground for the Ute and Arapaho Indians. The place where Bill Creek meets Willow Creek is reputed to be a sacred ground for the Ute Indians and perhaps was used as an area for wedding ceremonies.

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La Mesita Ranch – New Mexico

La Mesita Ranch is situated right in the heart of the Nambé Valley, some 15 minutes north of Santa Fe and 1.5 hours northeast of Albuquerque. This quietly elegant, lush private ranch was bought back by its original owners (the Pueblo of Pojoaque, one of the 8 Northern Pueblos of the state of New Mexico) and is offered to guests seeking a getaway oasis, a retreat, or a destination for their celebrations.

Traditional and formally appointed throughout, yet comfortable in its decor and modern in its accessibility, La Mesita Ranch offers guests a rare and beautiful setting in which to celebrate the special moments in life such as a wedding, anniversary, family gathering or reunion, or golf or girlfriend getaway. The ranch is also available as a unique and special location for corporate meetings, a site location for the movie/film industry or simply a quiet refuge from the stresses of life.

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River Valley Ranch – Oregon

Positive Teaching & Training, Patience & Education

The qualified staff at River Valley Ranch, located in Central Point Oregon, are there to support all members of Rogue Valley in their equestrian interests. The staff’s main focus is to support individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about horses!

This impressive all-season facility is home to the “Conscious Horsemanship” program, created by the owner, Kim Samitore. This type of horsemanship takes into consideration the whole picture of horse, rider, tack, equipment, training, skills, health, fitness and much more. Self-criticism is critical especially for horse-riders from abroad who need to learn English constructively and let’s not forget that learning is always positive for both human and horse.

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Point Reyes Country Inn and Stables – California

Just one hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge, The Point Reyes Country Inn and Stables is your headquarters for a weekend of relaxation, outdoor activities, and fine dining. Guests will enjoy comfortable lodging and a relaxing environment. No matter your reason for being in West Marin, you will love your stay here!

The Point Reyes Country Inn is located only a few away from beaches, hiking trails, and fine local restaurants. The Ranch is located on four beautiful sun-soaked acres only a few miles north of the quaint historic village of beautiful Point Reyes Station.

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Twin Creek Ranch And Lodge – Wyoming

Twin Creek Lodge … a place to gather, a place to get away

Here you can relax in a beautiful, hand-hewn Wyoming lodge built from local logs that were selectively cut and sensitively gathered with horses. The Twin Creek Ranch is located just outside the town of Parkman, Wyoming, just south of the Montana-Wyoming state line southeast of Billings.

Here you can create the perfect gathering for up to twenty people in the lodge’s cozy great room. You can experience the ideal place for retreats and reunions with comfortable lodging for up to fifteen people.

After a fulfilling day in nature’s great wide, wild open, dine on thoughtfully prepared meals featuring the ranch’s own “beyond organic beef” and other locally grown foods.

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