Three Springs Horse Ranch – Texas

The Three Springs Horse Ranch is a full-care pasture boarding facility with 24-hour on-site professionals.  The Ranch sits nestled in the rolling landscape of the Texas Hill Country amid old traditional ranches and a growing number of vineyards.  The terrain is tree-covered, as varied as the vegetation and the horses love it here.

The Ranch now offers the same environment to a limited number of horse owners.  As horse owners themselves, the owners have both training and years of experience in caring for horses of all ages.  However, the Ranch is anything but a conventional “pasture boarding” operation. The owners also maintain an online gift website with cute horse inspired items and treat their horses with the best possible care. Think of this place as a stable facility with loafing sheds instead of stalls.

Given a choice, horses would rather be in the pasture full-time than in a stable.  Never bored, they can live as nature intended.   Over the years, when farriers and veterinarians have visited the ranch they often remark that our own horses are in excellent condition and they attribute much of that to the fact the horses have plenty of room to “be horses.”

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