Wilder’s Elk Ranch – South Dakota

At Wilder’s Elk Ranch in Timberlake, South Dakota, hunting is so much more than just hunts.

You are invited to check out Timber Lake, South Dakota, where you will be located in a vast area rich in wildlife and natural beauty. The Wilder Ranch was chosen as one of the most scenic ranches in South Dakota.

You will hunt on over 8,000 acres of foothills with plentiful spring-fed lakes and streams. Wilder Ranch is adjacent to the Little Moreau State Park, which continues the majestic and historical beauty.

At Wilder’s Elk Ranch, hunting is so much more than just hunts. They offer quality hunts because they care a great deal about your success. Over the past decades, the production of pure and high-quality large animals has streamlined the ranch’s game management to an unbeatable level.

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