Twin Creek Ranch And Lodge – Wyoming

Twin Creek Lodge … a place to gather, a place to get away

Here you can relax in a beautiful, hand-hewn Wyoming lodge built from local logs that were selectively cut and sensitively gathered with horses. The Twin Creek Ranch is located just outside the town of Parkman, Wyoming, just south of the Montana-Wyoming state line southeast of Billings.

Here you can create the perfect gathering for up to twenty people in the lodge’s cozy great room. You can experience the ideal place for retreats and reunions with comfortable lodging for up to fifteen people.

After a fulfilling day in nature’s great wide, wild open, dine on thoughtfully prepared meals featuring the ranch’s own “beyond organic beef” and other locally grown foods.

A place to get away…

This is the perfect location to get to know the freedom of exploring thousands of acres of ecologically sound rangeland in the Wind River Mountain foothills. This is the location that is home to eagles, moose, elk, antelope, mountain lions, bear, beaver and migrating songbirds.

Here you can enjoy the splendor of this unspoiled open space while hiking, mountain biking, birding, viewing wildflowers, flyfishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or partaking in an authentic working cattle ranch vacation.

Gain the wisdom of ages studying cultural resources such as petroglyphs and ancient artifacts that can be found on the ranch. Swap stories with “locals” who can show you the best of what the Greater Yellowstone area has to offer. Here you can hear the sound of silence under a starlit sky far from humanity’s distractions.

Twin Creek Ranch is a real working ranch and home to abundant wildlife. Eco-tourists will have the time of their life at the ranch that specializes in custom designed, well-served, and unique retreats, getaways, and learning adventure experiences in a natural, peaceful setting. Those who want a horse-centered stay should check out this post.

Country Cuisine Gathering

When you come to Twin Creek for a Country Cuisine Gatherings you can enjoy a private table and take your time savoring the many offered courses that feature locally grown foods. Schedule a gathering of your own, any day of the week for breakfast, brunch, dinner, or supper.

Please Note: The holidays are a busy time at Twin Creek. If you would like to plan a family reunion or treat your visiting friends to some conviviality on Twin Creek, please make your plans soon so that there is room to accommodate you.

Country Cuisine Catering

By popular demand, the Ranch has started to do in-home catering. Like the gatherings out here at Twin Creek, the meals served in your home are created with a commitment to health and well-being and feature seasonal and locally grown foods. All menus are designed to reflect your tastes, traditions, and budget. Please feel free to send the Ranch an email or give a call if you would like to schedule.

New Year’s Limber Pine Yoga Renewal Retreat

Practicing yoga opens up different perspectives, both of moving and of thinking. This year’s three-day intensive class (January 1, 2, and 3) will build your capacity to develop your own yoga practice and start the new year off right. This may not be for everyone. Want to go to Tennessee? Check out the Clover Creek Guest Ranch. Another great place to stay

In a supportive environment, you can discover the body¹s natural possibilities, shake negative body images, and discover how much better you feel about yourself when you practice yoga.

The trainer, Andrea Malmberg, has been practicing yoga since 1987 and teaching since 1991. Teaching in a down-to-earth manner, she can bring the benefits of yoga into your life, no matter your age or current physical condition.

The 3-day New Year Yoga Renewal will be held at the Twin Creek Lodge and includes two nights lodging, all meals, and yoga instruction including ³yoga walks. Surrounded by miles of sage-covered mountains and without the distractions of city life, you are free to become immersed in your class, play and explore, change and grow, relax and rejuvenate. This retreat is limited to 15 people and under $200 per person.

Women’s Rendezvous

The Women’s Rendezvous at Twin Creek includes guided walks, an exquisite dinner served with perfectly matched spirits, accommodations, a sunrise yoga practice, brunch, and a therapeutic massage.
A Women’s Rendezvous is available throughout the winter and spring. Get a special group of gals together and give a call to schedule.

Women’s Retreats

When was the last time you truly took time for yourself…days and days of nurturing your spirit of adventure and creativity. The Women’s Retreats allow you to explore the natural world within and without. Guided walks and morning yoga sessions are suited for everyone, regardless of physical capabilities.

You will have time to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time exploring, writing, or creating in ways that speak to your soul. We will provide all the support you need for an experience of solitude, relaxation and discovery ‹including great, locally grown and homemade meals and cozy accommodations. All the while, the men can check out the Three Springs Horse Ranch & Guest House in Texas.

Environmental Restoration Adventure

This energizing vacation will touch your head, hands, and heart. Come stay at Twin Creek Ranch and enjoy the wildlife, the scenery, and the Ranch’s hospitality.

An Environmental Restoration Adventure is no typical dude ranch experience. You will gain insights into aligning personal values with effective environmental stewardship and participate in environmental restoration as an ongoing process.

What does a restoration vacation include? Experience the great outdoors. There is plenty of time for you to enjoy the wildlife, the scenery, and the serenity of these open spaces. Learn to collect data which monitors the health of the environment.

Then learn to interpret the information as an effective land steward would who uses it to guide decisions. You’ll never look at a piece of land the same way. Enjoy warm hospitality and hear first-hand the story of our ranch family’s journey to integrate personal values, environmental goals, and sound financial management while striving to stay on the land.

May’s Environmental Restoration Adventure will be focused on extending existing riparian habitat and creating the framework for a “forest garden.”